A World Class Company aiming to be an intellectual innovation center which works towards realizing quality opportunities worldwide, through fair and transparent methods to achieve success for stakeholders with relevant corporate social responsibility built in.

  • Dorsch

    Currently Dorch in association with Chairman & M.D. of NAS in his personal capacity associated with M.O.T. for Sultanate Prestigious Railway project.

  • World Class Partner

    NAS in association with Sophia & ITC is currently working on different sustainable projects for developing and improving the agriculture efficiency in Sultanate of Oman.

  • P.T Matic

    “NAS in association with PTMatic signed an agreement with Ministry of Tourism, Oman to install operate and maintain Automatic Self-cleaning toilets in the Sultanate of Oman”

  • World Class Partner

    Chairman sharing bonus with employees

Chairman's message

Dear Partners, Associates & N A S Team,

The company successfully accomplished its targets for its first year beyond expectation. N A S been able now to work with major projects and to sign ventures with world class companies & groups. As you are aware we have decided in N A S to develop unique and effective approach toward the market, we think and act worldwide, our approach is unique and proven to be successful. Our understanding & efficiency in the region and market position us in edge. Currently we are ventures with niche corporate groups from Europe, USA, Far East and middle East including GCC. We are developing projects in Oman & the region.Read more...